I Know Where Dennis Is

Just got back from Dennis Risner’s funeral. I believe Dennis is in heaven because of who he believed in, Jesus Christ. Not because of his opinions, right or wrong. Not because of what he did or didn’t do, but simply because he put his faith Jesus as the only one who could get him There.

The little Pentecostal church in Orangeville was full. I knew no one but could tell his family by their resemblance to Dennis. Funerals always help me realize that everyone’s life is much richer than the snippets of memory I have of them. People told stories about the things that made them and Dennis love and hate and laugh and weep together.

I choked up, not at Dennis’s demise or even at his family’s or my loss. I wasn’t that close. Hadn’t seen Dennis for 15 years, and only briefly then. I shed a tear more at not knowing Dennis better, or taking the time to, and now realizing I never will. And the busyness of life will keep me from knowing you and so many others that I wonder about, too.

But, hey, it’s time to go on living my life so that, when my time comes, friends and family will have good and honorable things to say about me and can relax and be happy about where I’ve gone.

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