This Writing Thing

I come here to write. Why? Is the process of writing really what I enjoy? I want something to write about. I’m hoping something comes up. I want adventures in life to talk about. I want to compel people to feel and respond. Maybe I need to put more into my life to get more out of it. I’m busy, and I’m tired, but am I really experiencing adventure?

I suppose if I analyzed the emotional, mental process of writing, it could be an intellectual thriller, of sorts. Maybe instead of depending on external adventures, I have to discover the adventure within.

I just want to have good stories to tell, or I just want to make a good story out of whatever I have at hand.

Ultimately, I would like my life to be something others would be compelled to write about.


This was a lunchtime musing at work the other day. Do you ever have similar thoughts?

Answering myself: 1. Just write, Ben, or don’t, and quit talking about it.

                               2. Appreciate whatever God puts in front of you.

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7 Responses to This Writing Thing

  1. Mel says:

    Ahh, yes! I can relate! For example, when I’m standing in line waiting to check out at the store, I am writing a story about it in my head. But after briefly setting the scene, I get stuck. Stories require something to happen, right? Rising action, climax, falling action. But does life work that way? Are we all just building up to some great, exciting adventure that shakes us out of the mundane at last? That’s the law of stories, isn’t it—something has to happen—but Gandalf has never showed up at my door in a panic, demanding I pack my bag, secure the Ring and make for the village of Bree at once.

  2. Mel says:

    Also, I quite like the idea of “the adventure within.”

  3. I have no problem writing when I shouldn’t be. Like Mel said in line, I often write whenever I am out in my head. Unfortunately when I get home and sit in front of that blinking cursor it often leaves me. It is rather frustrating. Yet the 3 am inspirations are worthwhile. If I can’t sleep I find this is the right time to write. As far as putting more into your life to write more and get people to respond it isn’t necessary. We often think our own lives are mundane because we never realize all the interesting things we encounter daily. Keep it up Ben!

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