In the Fray but Seeing Beyond It

Psalm 139: 24–“…and lead me in the way everlasting.”

That word “everlasting” is what makes me a different man than I was before I met Jesus.

Biblically speaking, before allowing Jesus into my life, I was “everlasting” but sliding toward punishment everlasting. Now, with Jesus, I am steadily rising toward paradise everlasting.

Knowing that I am everlasting helps raise my spirit and my emotions above practical realities. It diminishes the anxiety of things gone wrong. There is a day coming for me when those worries won’t matter at all. They will be laughable.

I need to respond graciously to painfully unfair situations and love the unlovable and care for those who can’t care for themselves and fix my car and go to the doctor and work full time and patch my roof, because those are responsibilities God has given me. I love Him and want to do what He asks of me.

I do not need to, in fact I should not, cower in shame and fear, feeling cursed and doomed when life gets tough (as much as I may be tempted to). My faith in the future God has promised me shines a bright light on how good life is despite my problems.

Presently, those crises mean less and less Here, but eventually, they will mean nothing There. I will be so much more in love with my Father and so much more thankful for what He rescued me from that I won’t be able to see or think of anything or anyone else. I will be overwhelmed with God, amazed by the fact that He even considered me. I will rest, I mean really rest like I never have before, in the confidence that I will always be near Him…

in a very everlasting sort of way.

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One Response to In the Fray but Seeing Beyond It

  1. Mel says:

    Wow. This was perfect…and piercing…how temporal and small my to-do list seems when confronted with the reality of Jesus. Not that I should slack off on handling things (I rather do them more fervently) but the daily duties of working and paying bills and all that mundaneness just doesn’t feel very heavy when thinking about eternity. And you’re right, these things almost seem silly in light of What’s To Come. We make such a big deal of our circumstances here and now…

    …I can’t wait to laugh about all of this someday. Deep, near-hysterical laughter. The kind where you’re crying and can’t breathe and your stomach is starting to hurt but you just can’t stop.

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