Ice Cream and Vegetables

Psalms 135 and 136–

God’s word, the Bible, is not like a bowl of ice cream. A bowl of ice cream tastes really good. It makes me feel good about life. It is usually associated with fun times, and it is easy.

I don’t approach the word of God the same way as a bowl of ice cream. To be honest, I want the Bible to be easy and fun, but it’s not. It is at least equally as good as ice cream (understatement) but different.

I would love to walk into the kitchen and say, “I’m going to open me up a big ol’ chapter of the Bible, mmm-hm, and slather some prayer all over it, mmm-hm, and gobble it all up in about five minutes, oh yeah. It will be all I want, m-HM!, because if I do that for too long, I’ll get sick.” Sometimes it’s like that (except for the sick part) but not usually.

In the Bible, we are reading words written thousands of years ago by men living in cultures we can only imagine, and they (accept for the prophets) probably could never imagine ours. But it is the word of God. He has commanded us to know it and to speak it. For some reason, He wants us to know about Og and Bashan and Sihon and the fact that His mercy endures forever. It all takes us, in what sometimes seems like a roundabout way, to eternal truths that we can get nowhere else.

So instead of ice cream, God’s word is more like vegetables. (Hang on) Having been somewhat of a vegetarian for a couple years, I can tell you that I can eat a truckload of vegetables till I am stuffed like Thanksgiving, and in a little while, feel pretty good. And I feel good about being full of nothing but good stuff that is going to do me absolutely no harm and has been shown to actually do me a lot of good. Good, good, good. God’s word is good.

If I were to eat that much ice cream, however, (and I have) it would be a different story. But I’m not here to trash ice cream or debate the value of vegetables over ice cream.

I am just saying that God’s word usually is not ice cream for me. I have to approach it reverentially, in a prayerful mode, pushing all other thoughts from my head as well as I can and be ready to spend a little time, maybe a lot of time once it starts tasting really good.

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”:

Spend some time letting those truths sink into every cell of your being and see if it isn’t hard to push yourself away from the table.

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One Response to Ice Cream and Vegetables

  1. simplynin809 says:

    =) I totally get what you are saying. There are times when I just want to hear those good old encouraging words and I don’t get it. And there are times, even reading the most powerful encouraging scriptures still doesn’t do anything for me. That’s when I have to push myself to read God’s word even when it “feels” like I’m not getting anything.

    Good analogy with Ice-cream and vegetable though! =)

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