All…, Always…, Every Abundance

“And God is able…”–That is an understatement.

“…to make all grace abound toward you,…”–He can make many really good things happen for you.

“…that you,…”–Yes, you.

“…always having all sufficiency in all things,…”–You have available to you

absolutely and completely

all you need for

absolutely and completely

everything you need it for

absolutely and completely

all the time.

“…may have an abundance for every good work.”–If you want to do God’s good work (which we all do, deep down, regardless of how selfish we are or have been), we have plenty of the resources we need to do that work without ever having to worry about running out of those resources.

Paul in II Corinthians 9:8

So God gives us plenty of what we need, more than what we need, an abundance…”for every good work”. He gives us our heart’s desire as long as our heart’s desire is for His good work. So to get want we want, it’s not a matter of talking God into it. He already wants to give us our desire. It’s a matter of lining up our desire with His. We are the ones who need to change, change from our selfish desire to a self-sacrificing desire and the joy that comes with serving others.

Where does the American Dream of amassing wealth in the name of blessing and security come in when so many others in the world have little to nothing in comparison? Does striving for the American Dream fit under “every good work”? Has God blessed the Western world so we can have nice homes, cars, schools, clothing and entertainment, or is there something else He intends for us to do with our abundance?

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3 Responses to All…, Always…, Every Abundance

  1. Mel says:

    This was awesome. Thanks for sharing. I love your question at the end. It’s the best part.

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